ThunderGene API provides complete REST, Websocket, and suits your Web2 experience when integrating with blockchain technology. For the API authentication, you can check more detail in the API tech documentation.
To see client API demo, please refer to ThunderGene Client API demo repository.


Use case
Mint NFT
Create project NFT with your customized requirements
Create your in-game equipments or pass with a customized name, symbol, and supply
Transfer NFT
Transfer NFT between addresses
When game players want to trade or transfer their equipments / pass to others
Burn NFT
Removes NFT from blockchain
When game player uses NFT to exchange other assets
Get user NFT balance
Get the NFT balance of each user address
Check each user's NFT balance and display it in your game
Create NFT redeem code
Create NFT redeem code and lock the asset until redeemed
When users want to withdraw their NFT into a crypto wallet
Get redeem status
Get redeem task status
Check each NFT redeem code status
Get asset of redeem code
Get underlying NFT asset's redeem code
Check each redeem code related NFT balance is locked
Claim redeem code
Claim NFT with the redeem code
When user uses the redeem code to acquire the NFT