Project Console

ThunderGene console offers you a clean user interface to allow you to navigate and begin creating your web3 project instantly. You can start with creating tokens and NFTs. Furthermore, you can even analyze, monitor, and manage projects to make well-informed decisions regarding project marketing & performance optimization.

Quick console guide

1. Create your project with your preferred name and description. Generally, one project can be used for a specific game or application. You can create multiple tokens or NFTs within this project and share the same user's information. Learn More.​
2. Project Information You can find your project's API credentials here.
3. Create a token You can create your token with a customized name, symbol, and supply. Learn More.​
4. Token management You can start to mint and transfer your tokens here and you can also check your transaction history.
5. Create NFTs You can create NFTs with all sorts of customizations of its type, metadata, name, and symbol. Learn more.​
6. NFT management You can start minting and transferring your NFTs here and you can also check your transaction history.