Creating your first NFT

Create NFTs by entering some variables -- such as name, supply, and description.
You will be able to navigate through the NFT tab within the project that you wish to use to create the 721 & 1155 assets. The tab lists all assets created under a particular project, as well as important information about the created assets.
Both 721 and 1155 go through the same process, except ERC-1155 can input numbers that you wish to create and mint.
The following guide will only show an example of creating an ERC-1155 standard NFT.
On the menu bar, click on "Create NFT" and you will begin the process of creating NFTs.
  • Select type of NFT that you would like to create:
    • Multiple (ERC-1155): To create an item(NFT) with multiple amounts.
    • Single (ERC-721): The created item(NFT) will be unique and one of a kind.
  • Metadata: upload metadata in JSON format with a maximum size of 4MB. For an example metadata, please refer to our metadata guide.
  • Collection symbol: Create a symbol for the collection, such as AAA, WAGMI, etc...
  • Description: Input a brief description of the collection.
  • Collection cover image: Upload a cover image with a 1000x1000(px) and a maximum size of 4MB for the collection.
Once the NFT collection has been successfully created, it will be displayed on the token list.
When you click into a collection, the collection page will show you 3 tabs including: summary, items, and activities. Here's what these tabs mean:
  • Summary: The summary briefly lists the collection details, such as contract address, asset ID, type and the created date.
  • Items: Lists and displays the items that are included in the metadata that is previously uploaded to the platform to create the collection. On the items page, you are able to select, mint, transfer and burn the NFTs.
  • Activities: Displays the transaction history.
To mint a collection simply select the collection that you would like to mint, then choose the items that you would like to mint and enter the amount as well as the recipient address.
To Transfer NFTs, simply select the ones that you would like to transfer to and enter the amount of NFTs that you would like to transfer as well as the recipient's address, then click on "Transfer" to transfer the NFTs.
To burn the NFTs, simply select the NFTs that you would like to burn and enter the amount for each NFT. Note that once the selected NFTs are burned, they will no longer be retrievable.
Recipient address should be EVM compatible that supports the ThunderCore network to receive the NFTs.
When the NFTs are successfully created, minted, transferred or burned; the system will update the table to the latest status accordingly.
Only the NFTs that are in the project can be transferred or burned. NFTs that have been minted to address other than the project address, will not be able to transfer and burn.
Click on Activities tab to check NFTs' transaction history