Bulk Mint / Transfer / Burn NFTs

This tutorial describes how to bulk mint, transfer, and burn NFTs using the Batch Upload function from the ThunderGene console. This tutorial applies to both ERC-721 & ERC-1155.

Bulk Mint NFTs

  1. 1.
    First select a NFT collection, and click on the Batch Upload tab.
2. Select Mint items
  • Mint: The process of adding token’s metadata to ThunderCore blockchain
  • Transfer: The process of moving NFTs from an address to another address
  • Burn: The process of deleting NFTs
3. Upload a list of data to bulk mint NFTs
  • CSV file: Upload a CSV file with a maximum size of 1MB
  • CSV example data: We have provided a sample google sheet that includes example data fields for both types of NFTs for minting, transferring, and burning NFTs.
4. After uploading the file, click the button below to begin the process. While processing the data, the Batch Upload Activities table will display the status of the uploaded file. You can click on the refresh status button and the table will show the most updated status.
5. Click full details to check each item's status. To check the latest status, click on the "Refresh Status Now" button.

Bulk Transfer NFTs

Follow Steps 1 to 5 to complete the process, except in step 2, select Transfer items.
Recipient address should be EVM compatible to receive the NFTs

Bulk Burn NFTs

Follow Steps 1 to 5 to complete the process, except in Step 2, select Burn items.
Only the NFTs that are in the project can be transferred or burned. NFTs that have been minted to an address other than the project address, will not be able to transfer and burn.