Creating your first project

To begin your journey on ThunderGene, you will need to create a project first. This article will guide you through the steps to create a project.
Keep in mind that you would need to register to each environment that you are planning on using.
Create an account by registering under the following links:
Just a friendly suggestion, we strongly recommend creating your first account under the Testnet Environment to get familiarized with the APIs and the console.

Create an account

To create an account on either Mainnet or Testnet, click on "Sign Up".
Then enter your username, email and password to create an account.
Next check your email to verify your account.
Click on "Confirm your email" and you should be redirected to ThunderGene login page.
After you login to the platform, click on "Create Project"
Enter project details, click on "Save Change" and you should be redirected to the project list which will now list the project that you just created.
Click on a project to start your journey to create tokens and NFTs.