Creating your first token

Create tokens by entering some variables -- such as token name and max supply.
You will be able to navigate through the asset tab within the project that you wish to use to create the assets. The tab lists all assets created under each particular project, as well as important information about the assets created.
On the menu bar, click "Tokens", and you will be redirected to the Tokens page. Now you can click on "Create token", to begin the process of creating tokens on ThunderCore.
Note: You don't need to have TT to create assets on ThunderGene's Testnet environment.
  • Asset name: create a name for your assets between 1-255 characters long
  • Maximum total supply: input the amount <= 1 billion
  • Asset type: for token creation we provide only fungible tokens.
Once the token is successfully created, it will be displayed on the token list
To mint a token, simply click on the token and enter the amount, and the recipient address. After you have successfully minted the tokens, you will be able to see the transaction in the mint history table.
Recipient address should be EVM compatible address that supports ThunderCore network to receive the tokens.