Community Building

The use case mentioned below are just examples to help inspire you to create your own NFT & token utilities. The NFTs and tokens can only be attractive when there are utilities are being designed. The utility of a token and NFT are incentives to attract others to own them and ultimately to generate traction for your project.

Use case: Create cohesiveness for your community and lure new people in

Building a community itself is extremely important to both marketers and businesses. NFTs allow brands to start building the “new email list” and to tap into a new group of users to gather and expand the Web2 user base to Web3 users.
More and more NFTs and tokens are being created with all types of “utilities”. These utilities aim to give benefits for the users who own these NFTs or tokens. In other words, NFTs and tokens have become a tool not only to build branding but also to create community stickiness.
Here are some examples of NFTs and their utilities:
  • If you own a ABC NFT, you get access to meetups and party access that only NFT holders can access. When celebrities like AAA own one, this becomes an enticing perk.
  • Imagine ZZ is an online community and learning platform for Web3 professionals. Tokens are awarded based on contributions within the community and unlock access to premium content, events, and coaching.
  • Imagine owning an NFT in a game that could give you exclusive access to traits, characters, or collectibles within the gaming platforms.
  • A store can create membership NFTs, and owners of these NFTs are entitled to enjoy discounts on future purchases.
Based on the examples above, if you are interested in creating your first token and NFT, please refer to Creating your first token, Creating your first NFT​