Events and Ticketing

NFTs and tokens allow businesses to tap into unprecedented audiences to make new connections and unlock new opportunities. Since Web3 is still in a very early stage, it presents investors with an unbounded imagination of future valuation and use cases to build.
We've included some use cases below as an example to help inspire you to create your own NFT & tokens with utilities. NFTs and tokens can only be attractive when there are utilities are special utilities and benefits attached to them. Essentially, the utility of a token and NFT are incentives to attract others to own them and ultimately to create traction for your project.

Use case: Events, Ticketing, and Branding

Hypothetically, when a pop star, “AAA," has an upcoming concert, he or she can decide to issue tickets in the form of NFTs instead of issuing paper tickets. Now imagine that the NFT does the following things:
  1. 1.
    The NFT serves as proof of the event, which gives users the ability to enter the event. Hence, the NFT could be worth something in the future and allows anyone to resell it anytime.
  2. 2.
    The NFT can be a means to redeem snacks, beers, and merchandise.
  3. 3.
    If the NFT is a VIP ticket pass, the NFT unlocks exclusive access to “AAA” backstage or gives the ticket holders early access to future concerts/events
By utilizing NFTs, you can create hype for your brand and business around their utilities, which can drive exposure and increase brand awareness.
The list of utilities can go on and on depending on how you plan to design the utilities of these NFTs. Once the mechanics surrounding the NFTs have been designed, follow the NFT tutorial and API docs to create your own NFTs.